(water / Sky / Land)

Group Exhibition, 2022
Firestation, Doha – Qatar

The exhibition includes four miniature paintings inspired by the works of Behzad, an icon of Islamic art in the old and modern Islamic world, that explore the Qatari heritage in its various components, most particularly the undocumented aspects of life and detail little- known facts and events in Qatar in the 20th century. Miniature paintings have an undeniable documentary value and are the best visual representation of oral history as they provide a creative translation or narration of social life in Qatar.

The miniature paintings portray aspects of traditional Qatari social life, highlighting its valuable artistic properties and focusing mainly on authentic architecture, based primarily on customs, traditions, environment, climate, and Islamic art in the Gulf region and in Qatar.

The manifestations of life in Qatar in the 20th century are numerous, and their heritage is unique. The paintings dig up in the Qatari collective memory and turn what people pass on from generation to generation into art in order to bring it closer to the worldwide audience.

Toub Toub Ya Bahr (Repent Oh Sea Repent!)

Qatar’s beautiful nature

1918-1919: The Year of Mercy

Portrait of a Qatari Woman